High Quality Retirement Care for Horses

If you are interested in learning more about your horse living here, please feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to discuss our care and what needs you and your horse have.

1738 Farm, LLC is a private boarding barn set up to welcome the right horses into our attentive and knowledgeable care. We offer quality retirement horse board.  Owners are welcome to visit their horses anytime during barn hours and as frequently as they like.  Updates are sent to owners, TLC and very good consistent care are standard.

Board is $500 per month, which includes hoof trims (by farrier), annual vaccinations (by a veterinarian), annual teeth floating (by a veterinarian) and worming.

Our farm is organically kept.  We have grass paddocks and all weather pens.  We practice rotational grazing for the best and healthiest grass.  Our farm is a recipient of the state and federally awarded environmental awareness award for horse keeping and land management.

Each horse is treated on an individual basis with their health and happiness as our top priorities.  Hay is fed all day and night, big clean stalls, specific grain fed, whatever they need.  The owner lives on site and handles all the care so communication about care and well being is easy.

We turnout as early as possible and let them stay out as long as possible, all day every day.  We like for the horses to be out as much as they and their owners want.  The horses are stalled at night.

We are available to describe individual care and rates anytime. Special feed, hay, etc can be arranged if needed. The care here is highly attentive, in a quiet environment.

We are happy to work with your veterinarian or our veterinarian for special needs, care or medical attention for your horse.

Please feel free to call (860-526-8490 farm or 203-856-9560 cell and numbers also at the bottom of the page) or e-mail ( with inquiries.
Farm tours are by appointment only.  High quality composted manure available, please call or e-mail for details.